10 Questions Can Help Unearth Psychosocial Risk Factors In Workers’ Comp

A recent webinar delved into the biopsychosocial treatment model and return to work, with special emphasis on identifying the presence of psychosocial risk factors in poor outcomes.

Presenters Anne Marciniak, with MedRisk, and Katie McBee, with Phoenix Physical Therapy, walked attendees through the mechanisms of pain and the basics of the biopsychosocial model, honing in on issues raised notably by Dr. William Osler, who died in 1918 but is still regularly quoted in presentations.

As Marciniak put it, ‘You may have heard ‘treat the patient not the disease’ before, and some of these things might seem new today, but this concept has been around for over a century, and we’re still struggling.’

As adjusters and nurses consider ‘working against the clock,’ to prevent chronic pain cases from becoming permanently disabled cases, Marciniak and McBee offer a distinct approach.

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