Bring Certainty to Remote Injury Claims

The working world is changing. Even before COVID-19, remote work was gaining popularity. As employees sought greater flexibility and advances in telecommuting removed barriers, some employers offered work-from-home options as an incentive to attract and retain top talent, save money and sharpen their competitive edge.

Since the pandemic, remote work has become a fact of life, and like it or not, it’s here to stay.

Even with vaccinations on the rise and many watching the horizon for a return to ‘normal’ — or to the office — many workers will never return to a physical worksite.

Employers who acknowledge the shift are developing and implementing plans to provide continued work-from-home options. But what does this change mean for your organization when a worker gets hurt on the job?

Working from home will remain a significant part of our professional environment — expect an increase in remote industrial injuries.

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