What Are Incoming Claims Professionals Looking For?

This past year, millions of claims professionals retired, forcing companies to step up to attract the next generation.

In workers’ compensation, this seismic shift is particularly problematic because of the loss of intellectual capital as senior personnel depart, and the fact that this sector is seldom on the ‘first-choice career’ list for younger employees.

We’ve also seen a wave of new technology in workers’ compensation as a result of COVID-19, including a significant move toward automation and the application of machine learning.

The workforce is rapidly transforming in an unprecedented period of change as we push to attract the next generation workforce and move toward an increasingly automated claims process.

What we’re seeing is that claims professionals entering the industry are looking for the ideal blend in a workplace—they want intuitive interfaces, automation that streamlines the process, and a positive company culture that encourages a reasonable work/life balance.

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