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Improve the Quality of Your Claim Outcomes.

Mismanaged claims are large, looming financial concerns. The Wallis Group simplifies the process and deploys an experienced team who improves the quality of each claim outcome. We know what’s at stake because we have years of experience solving claim problems. The wrong decision could cost you big time. If that sounds like you, then it's a good thing you found The Wallis Group.

Claims We Handle:

We've built our reputation handling property, casualty and workers comp claims in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

● Property
● Casualty
● Workers Comp

We provide detailed residential and commercial dwelling appraisals, full adjustments, or dispute resolution experts. We perform in-person statements, scene investigations, and resolve potentially costly claims accurately and quickly. We deploy experienced personnel to investigate the claim exposure and provide analysis to move the claim forward.

Make the Best Claims Decisions.

Too many organizations struggle to manage the volume and complexity of your claims. Since 1994, we have served 60+ Insurance Companies, TPA's, and Self-Insureds. Our team comes equipped with the necessary experience and CPCU, SCLA, AIC CWCP insurance designations. It translates to successful outcomes, for example: performing a settlement project consisting of resolving 200 “Mission Impossible” WC cases for reserve reduction of $5.8 million dollars. No doubt about it, we’ll help you with your claims decisions so you’ll get better outcomes.

Reduce Your Losses. Reduce Your Anxiety. Get Your Claims Resolved Quickly.

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