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Heritage Interpreting, LLC is made up of American Sign Language users who have a passion to improve the interpreting experience for all involved.

Heritage Interpreting exists to develop innovative, standards improving approaches to interpreting and age-old challenges facing the Deaf community.

Heritage Interpreting will provide sign language interpreters who are committed to providing an excellent experience.

We aim to improve the experience of interpreting for the Deaf community and interpreting community. As the skills of interpreters improve, the experience of the Deaf community using interpreters will improve.

We also intend to increase the standards of interpreting by working primarily with certified interpreters and encouraging interpreters who are not yet certified to pursue certification.

Heritage Interpreting aims to improve standards and raise expectations for the quality of interpreting. We are committed to doing this by:

1) Utilizing primarily certified interpreters

2) Offering professional development opportunities to interpreters to maintain and improve their knowledge and skills

3) Developing interpreter profiles to systematize assigning interpreters to assignments in order to best serve the needs of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community

We realize that certification and assessment mechanisms are imperfect. However, they are a good starting point from which to evaluate and utilize interpreters. Those with certification will be considered first for interpreting opportunities ­ unless the Deaf consumer has specified a preference for another interpreter within our pool who does not possess such certifications. Deaf consumers all have individual preferences for what constitutes a ‘quality’ interpreter.

In addition to our network of nationally certified interpreters, we also maintain a listing of those without such certifications. As previously mentioned, some consumers may prefer an interpreter without certification, and it is our practice to follow the wishes of the consumer as the primary factor in which interpreter is assigned. This pool of interpreters will also be considered for additional opportunities if no certified interpreters are available.

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